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Chris Parkerson
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Re: real world aikido

Eye-gouge fighting is real fighting. If you've never been in an eye-gouge fight, then you have no real experienze!!
Funny you mentioned eye gouging. The Spartans called the Atenians wooses because they did not want to allow eye gouging and biting into the pankration games.

Look closely at the MMA. There are a lot of written as well as unspoken rules. The essence of these rules comes down to this, "let's go hard but let's keep it safe enough that we do not lose our careers through foolishness."

For several years, at least in my lifetime, these rules applied to street fights. Indeed, until recently, military men simply did not want to do to someone else that which they did not want done to them. The Apache of the 19th century had no such unwrittenrule. Neither did the Viet Cong. Today's radical terrorists as well as Mara Salvatrucha (MS 13 street gang) have few rules except to win.

So you are at that bus stop mentioned in another discussion. The girl comes out and screams at you. You lightly tap her on the cheek in an automatic reaction wondering if you did wrong in hitting a girl. Her friend then pulls a gun at 8 feet away and shoots you. They were MS 13.
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