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Chris Parkerson
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Re: real world aikido

Aiki is a set of principles of movement. Aikido is a way of using those principles towards love and harmony. Aikijujitsu, on the other hand is large study that evolves from traditional jujitsu. It employs three methods of technique. Gross manipulation - Jujitsu, the control of uke's center with light joint manipulations - Aikijujitsu, and finally, the taking of uke's center with suggestion, light physical movements and light or no touch - aiki no jitsu.

Few martial artists who engage in street combat would enter the fray without all three tools under their belt. The great Aikidoka of the last generation were originally trained in forms of Jujitsu and daito-style arts.

Today, we have the wonderful option of cross training in a variety of worldwide martial experiences. As Danny Inosanto would say, "absorb what is useful"... Whether you are a purist or a person who would prefer Do arts, I suggest that you "follow your bliss". But when it comes to self defense, cross training is a must.
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