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Originally posted by Edward
Chronic, no, but specific or typical, yes.

Like in tennis, getting a tennis elbow does not happen every day. But if you're a regular tennis player, you will get an injured elbow every now and then. In aikido, you will always feel some discomfort in one joint or another. We do use more joints than in tennis.

But it depends on how honest you practice aikido.
Honesty has nothing to do with it.

Tennis elbow is no more a sign of a good or frequent tennis player than a 'boxer's fracture' is of a good or frequent boxer (for those of you who don't know, when we see a boxer's fracture-- a break in the fifth metacarpal-- we know it was from a stupid drunk trick, as a real boxer strikes with the second and third metacarpals lined up straight with the bones of the arm). Anyway, these things are signs of incorrect use of your body, which are avoidable through good ukemi.

Oh yeah, also, avoidable by good ukemi AND proper movement...those pesky knee problems are often from trying to turn on a planted foot , incorrect weight distribution in shikko, leaning or other poor posture, etc etc...

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