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I am also assuming you are a male (really sucks to have a Y chromosome ), and also guessing you are fairly young (a job, house payments, and toddlers tend to help keep testosterone in check). The guys already gave some pretty good advice in terms of a. the reaction is not uncommon (all that testosterone ) b. what to do about it. I'd like to throw in a female point of view:

I don't think I'd notice, even in irimi nage or koshi nage and even if you had something (as Greg mentioned) to be very proud of... but if I did, I'd understand it was nothing personal...

Now, I am also well past my teenage years, and understand that these things happen. If you are in an adult class, it shouldn't be an issue... adult women should know there are just some things that one can't control. If you are a young male in a teen/kid's class, well, your partner might take it personally, but again I doubt she'd notice. It also might be time to move into the adult class.

ps to Shihonage...again, no picture ?
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