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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Mike Sigman wrote: View Post
It's sort of like a study of electricity. There are guys who do house-wiring, there are people who are into designing transformers, there are people who design Op-amps, and so forth. Sounds like different topics, but really it's all the same topic. The question is whether you should go to a vocational school and learn how to fix TV's or whether you're happier going to engineering school so that you can understand the theory that applies to everything. So I guess that while I nominally understand "different approaches", my mind doesn't work that way.... all of these *legitimate* approaches are simply variations of the same basic principles. There is only one electricity. There is only one ki/jin.


That seems a good analogy there Mike. Not because I understand internal body connection principals very well but because I understand electronics. And ohms law is ohms law is ohms law. The devil's in the details. But if one understands basic electricity, one can understand most any application of it. I suppose the same applies to basic ki/jin, in-yo, or whatever you call it.
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