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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Hi Ricky,
I do think you have to make intelligent decisions on what you pick and choose based on certain criteria

1) Who can expose you to what in terms of reliable methods to train the different skills; who is in your area or is available by travel, what is their specialty, what can they help you with long distance if needed, etc.

2) What does your primary art call for; as in what aspects do YOU find most usefull in your art, what can you integrate, what does not fit in terms of your current basics or postural requirements

3) What are you willing to work on

Personally at this point, I've been most exposed to issues of correcting my "Frame" to be able to begin to access some of these skills. I am most interested in learning to capture someone's balance by absorbing their power and then feeding it back to them. Power releases are also of interest to me, but not as much.

I think each person has to look at these things and utilize the training methods as best they can.


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