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Mike Sigman
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Re: Workshop with Mike Sigman on Ki in Aikido

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
IMHO, many things are "hidden in plain sight" because I didn't have the frame of reference to see it.
True for me, too. I certainly saw some explicitly "kokyu" things when I took karate on Okinawa. However, I never heard the word "ki" in the martial context (bearing in mind that "ki", as I heard it in Japanese and Hogan, is a common expression) until I started taking Aikido many years later. So I also immediately interpretted what I saw in terms of what I knew about physiology, etc.

On the other hand, as much information-exchange as there is nowadays, I don't think everything falls into that same category. I was commenting to a friend of mine about how aptly Saul Bellow's quote could be applied to a lot of the martial arts: "A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep."
I like the tell them what you are going to show them, show them, and tell them what you showed them. I would also suggest if they showed us again, we might just see it now that its been pointed out what I am looking for/it. Not a great thief (steal this technique).

I look forward to your video.
No video coming out, Lynn. I'm going to have some of the workshop stuff videoed as an additional memory-support for the attendees, but hopefully they'll keep it to themselves. At least for the traditional week or two.


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