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Originally posted by jimvance
I would have to say the above is from either pushing back into the force once your joints are locked (masochism) or just having someone apply an abundance of non-specific force repeatedly while you cannot resist (sadism). Either way the principle of aiki is lost and the power struggle begins.

Jim Vance
So according to Jim, I can be either sadist, or masochist, or possibly both. Well, he's not completely wrong. I can distinguish in class between serious and leisure practitioners. I guess one has to be sado-masochist in order to practice any MA seriously, with all the unavoidable pain, sometimes willingly inflicted, which is involved. What I don't like is these instructors who promote aikido (obviously for commercial reasons) as a sort of harmless, soft, suitable for children and the elderly alike, kind of silly dance for effeminate guys and masculine ladies. Well, aikido is a martial art. We have so many people on this forum having specific joint pains because they do aikido. It is a part of aikido training. If you get thrown by shihonage over a 100 times in one session, even very softly and without resistance, I think pain at wrists and elbows is not so surprising and you're not necessarily doing it wrong. I am not saying that we should not try to cure these injuries. No body likes pain. But they are unavoidable for any serious practitioners unless you are one of those teachers who always throws but never gets thrown. Then in this case, I understand that there is no pain.

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