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Re: Sempai kohai differences

You know...I just got to thinking about this a little bit more.

I think it is important to go a little deeper into the relationship of sempai/kohai.


Trust is what the process is all about.

We have to have a deep enough relationship in training with our fellow mates in the dojo and ensure that we take time to understand them...especially as senior sempai.

Everyone is different. Noobs (kohai) all come with a different set of emotions, abilties, situations, hangups, baggage, expectations etc.

Sempai have the responsibility to look deeper into them. That is, more than just the ma'ai and kamae prior to the interaction in the dojo.

If we take time to do this...we will develop a deeper understanding of them, and what the "need"...maybe not what they "want".

If we get their trust, then we can train with them accordingly and bring them along honestly.

In doing this, I think it makes for a good experience for them, and should help them look past the times when they are not enjoying the process of learning...when they cannot get that ikkyo on them. They have trust in you that you are doing good by them...even though they are not doing well.

So, when we do this...we don't have to "tank" the technique. We can be honest in our approach and work with them. Because we have invested more in them they can look past the moment of frustration...knowing that by trusting you, that you are doing what is best for them.

Anyway..easier said than done sometimes!

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