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Re: Sempai kohai differences

Matthew Gano wrote: View Post
1. what do you find usefull about training with "noobs"?
2. what do you find most useful about training with "very" experienced sempai?
3. Do you have a preference between the two and why?
1) I like training with new folks because it forces me to s.l..o....w down a bit. On some nights I can get a little too speedy which usually serves to "try" and cover up the flaws. By slowing down I also have to focus on getting the details correct.

2) I like training with more experienced folks because they point out the times I am too "nice." I guess a different way to say NICE is when I am not executing the technique with enough (of the right) energy behind it to actually take the center, unbalance and redirect the flow.

3) No big overarching preference really... on the nights where I have more energy I try to partner with the sempai and on nights where I have lower energy I try to get the kohai... Unfortunately, those nights where I have a preference are the nights where I may really benefit from the opposite oh well, such is life.
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