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Tongue Re: Feeding time for the Trolls

Originally posted by erikknoops
Today I tried to understand everything that seriously has to do with aikido.

I came up with some important questions:[list=1][*] If I activate my aikido-forcefield, will I still be able to exchange energy with my favorite tree? [*] Does activating my forcefield safe me from ki-ball atacks??[*] Can trees make ki-balls?[*] If I exchange energy with my tree while activating my forcefield, will my tree be in my forcefield or will it form its own from the exchanged energy?[*] Do trees also have pressure points?[*] Can you use your ki-balls to hit pressure points? [*] Can you make local forcefields, just to protect your pressure points? [/list=1]

Now go to the dojo and train!
Heeheehee! Heeheeheehee! *rolls about the floor uncontrollably, tears streaming down his eyes, clutching himself, trying to keep his sides from splitting* Heeheehee!

I haven't posted in ages, and have instead taken to lurking, but this is just too good.
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