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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Daniel Ranger-Holt wrote: View Post
Thats why i studied Aikido as well. But i found in real life situations it doesn't work. As ive said numerous times i dont want to beat people up. Just defend myself well. If you think you can throw any kind of lock or hold on someone throwing a real punch at real speed you're kidding yourself like i was. Just you tube boxing or punching if you haven't had real life altercations. And you will see what i mean. Punches come as hard snaps, not someone in a line, running toward you fist extended. Aikido is fooling a lot of people i feel.
This is not about aikido. This is a matter of the right kind of training.

Whether a particular martial arts school can provide an immediate need like that has a lot more to do with the experiences of the teacher, what kind of training they have been exposed to including cross-training or life training. What the goals of the training are. What the goals of the school are.

It's important to know the why, what, and limitations of a particular type of training are.

Yes it would be fooling a person if they came in with goals more appropriate to participating in a model mugging course.

Yes it would be fooling a person if they came in with an immediate need to learn some skills to be a good bouncer.

Usually some martial artist who takes on some career move that has immediate needs like a bouncer, was already training for quite a few years, 1st degree black belt at least, and so they simply have to learn to adapt their already acquired skills to the special situation. The point is they do need to adapt.

What you found was that the level of your skill set from your training so far was not up to your immediate needs. People have solved this issues in various ways. One way is to jump to another art. Another is to add training specialized to the immediate need. Another is to simply cross-train in a complementary art that incorporates the type of training needed (goals of the art or school are different). Find an aikido teacher who provide that training because of their own goals that fits the immediate need. Find a professional school or program that caters to immediate need for those with particular jobs.

Honestly, you sound as foolish as someone who expects to be able to write a novel because they learned how to spell and then finding disappointment, they decide the solution is to learn how to spell in another language.

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