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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

The OP would do well to re-read Kevin L.'s post #60 and Mark M.'s post #63.

Imho if one truly wants to leave anything then they just leave, there is no need to let anyone else know. Imho those who make an issue of it and announce their leaving are actually looking for a reason not to, i.e. they are looking for a reaction from someone to tell them that there may be another option to leaving.

I think the point of this thread is not about leaving Aikido at all, but about attempting to warn people that many Aikido dojo do not provide what they say with regard to usable real world skills. I agree totally with this.

However as Kevin L. says here -
Bouncers for instance are hired to keep the peace in a bar and remove those that are not complying with the rules.

Good bouncers are those that can recognize trouble long before it starts and can influence the situation before it escalate into physical action. That is not to say that a bad bouncer is one that has situations that get physical! Some times it happens!

So, a bouncer must have a wide range of skills from verbal and non-verbal communication skills, to skills that allow him/her to remove someone from the bar physically with minmal damage.

They must also be able to protect themselves when things get really bad and there may be multiple people involved.

They must also know when to grab the "big stick" from behind the bar, and when to call in the calvary to!
one must be able to know what to do when. I still think that the OP went to an Aikido dojo in an attempt to get bouncer training.

I teach Aikido and Jujutsu and some of my Jujutsu Sensei actually got together and created a tailor-made training regimen to certify bouncers as being capable of having the tools necessary to do their job well (most of the Sensei are L.E.O.s also). The reason was because they found that the pure martial arts curriculum did not work precisely well for people like Bouncers, LEOs etc. who want a focused, specialized approach to address their specific needs, and they had a few of these folks in their dojo at the time.

Aikido can be applied easily to Bouncer's work but it is not a Bouncer training system. If one goes to a plumber to get their shoes fixed one is bound to be disappointed imho.
If you think you can throw any kind of lock or hold on someone throwing a real punch at real speed you're kidding yourself
If this is the reality of your Aikido experience then I'd have to agree with William H. and say the problem is with your dojo/instruction not Aikido itself. For many of us, the quoted area above is not a problem at all. It comes down to your training methods and goals.

Just some thoughts.

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