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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Perhaps the most interesting thing about aikido is that the art itself can be all things to all people, but it all depends on the dojo. Soccer mom self-defense? It can be that. Hard core self-defense? It can be that. Weapons? Sure. Randori and competition? Got that, too. Spirituality? It's there. "Ki" training? It's there, too. The problem, of course, is finding the dojo that offers the kind of aikido one is looking for.

I've said this before, but the Tokyo police have a lot of martial arts to choose from. They're professionals, and what they train in has to work. Particularly since they are not allowed to carry guns except in special circumstances. Yoshinkan Aikido is a required course for female officers, and is an option for the kidoutai (riot police), and also taught to members of the Security Police (who provide security for members of government).

Which suggests to me that there's nothing wrong with "aikido" when it comes to subduing resisting opponents under strict rules of engagement. It sounds like your dojo, however, was not teaching you the kind of aikido you needed to know. Which is a problem, and you seem to have addressed it. But you should probably try some of the many other "flavors" (and dojo) of aikido before you write it off completely.

Edit: Also, don't labor under the misconception that the attacks in aikido are meant to simulate actual combat scenarios. They represent certain shapes of energy, which you then learn to manipulate. The idea of aikido is not "he punches me, I respond with shiho-nage", but rather "through shiho-nage, I learn how to manipulate this shape of energy coming at me." To be sure, there are many in aikido who don't quite understand this distinction.

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