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Angela Dunn
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Re: Aikido goals

Tony Hudspith wrote: View Post
Hi Angela
Firstly I would like to say..... GREEN BELT?!?!?! Is that all you're hoping to get this year? Aim higher as I have confidence in you progressing much quicker this year.

As you say you need to relax but focus on the progress you have made already on this front. You do forward rolls on both sides okay now and you rarely draw blood from people now (That's an in-dojo joke)

Put all your goals into action this year and there'll be no stopping you!
I have faith in you and all my students but more importantly is faith in yourself. You have this faith in you. Maybe you cannot see the potentual of this yet but I can

Best of luck for 2008 to Angela and everyone who reads this reply.

know I can get higher, after all I have stopped tripping over my feet and hitting my head but its going to be that old chestnut of awkward that awkward work thing. But hey my other goal for the year is get new job so why not aim higher eh. lets aim for a brutal brown then

That true actually, I need to be reminded of that from time to time you know.
We know you do Tony. But Its still nice to be , again reminded of that from time to time. I know I do have the potental, after all I keep comming back for more. And no stopping me, I do like the sound of that.
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