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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Good bouncers are those that can recognize trouble long before it starts and can influence the situation before it escalate into physical action. That is not to say that a bad bouncer is one that has situations that get physical! Some times it happens!

So, a bouncer must have a wide range of skills from verbal and non-verbal communication skills, to skills that allow him/her to remove someone from the bar physically with minmal damage.

They must also be able to protect themselves when things get really bad and there may be multiple people involved.

They must also know when to grab the "big stick" from behind the bar, and when to call in the calvary to!

Anyway, the point is, running is not always the right option.

If you see a couple of guys beating up a little ole lady, do you just run away, or watch, or do you take action? How much force is permissible to use?

Do you pull out your concealed gun, point it at them and tell them to lay off or you will shoot? Do you fire a round in the air to get their attention? What do you do?

It can get complicated very quickly.

Thankfully most of us never need to use what we learn or are put in those situations!
Luckily i have about 9 years of customer service behind me, and for my job its been essential. I know how to speak to people for the most part. Ive worked in fault call centres, credit collection, al the work telephone style jobs you could imagine. I know how to speak to people, which is why i rose to a high position.

Applying it to doorwork has been easy. I find its about humbling myself most of the time. Someone steps to me "right so you wanna fight do you? ok lets go now" i reply most of the time something along the lines of "no of course i don't want to fight you. I just want you to stop shouting, and carry on enjoying your night etc etc" most of the time this can work. Other doormen have different approaches though...and as im speaking come flying in with a karate kick or something..

I look at it like if i've avoided a fight for the night, then its a good nights work. I don't get payed enough to "fight" everynight. But after working all over the south east of the UK unfortunetely my home town is the worst. So it gets physical a fair few times. So i need to defend myself for real.
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