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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

To all of the aikidoka who are posting in response to this string. When someone claims they are leaving Aikido, why do we feel that we have to talk them out of leaving? The poster has already made clear this is not for him. He clearly has not been in the art long enough to appreciate this art. He has also said it is not for him. Let go. He will continue to make blanket responses about the value or lack of value of aikido. We could all pull up situations where aikido has worked for us, but he would still criticize this experience. Why waste the time and the typing trying to convince someone who is not interested.

We could all come up with stories where one martial art or another has failed in one instant or another. There is no one best art!
The person must find the art that fits him and his personality.

I have been watching the Discovery Channel's show, The Human Weapon. The two travelers on the show are people who come from a mixed martial arts background. One is actually a champion. Yet every week they get beaten by people in traditional martial arts.
Does that mean that mma is invalid? No, It just means that each art has its own value. But, it is interesting, that the people in the traditional arts who take the time and years to study the art continually defeat the two men on the show?

So as the saying goes. "Don't leave angry, just leave." and if you're leaving, then go and don't continue to hang around when obviously your not interested. Go to a Krav Maga website and post for them.
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