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Aikido goals

Have read through many posts on this board in the past but have rarely started a new thread so I figured it was time to rectify that. (I just hope I am posting this in the right place.)

With it being the new year (apologies for those who work on different systems, No offence meant) I always try to set myself little goals and challenges for the year and beyond. Not resolutions exactly as I am pretty hopeless at keeping them but goals to work towards.

My Aikido goals this year I think would have to be...

Learn how to relax and place trust in my uke as this is something I have trouble with. (I actually do not think I have attended a class without someone telling me that I need to relax, chill out or stop being so tense so this is obviously a big thing I do need to work on.)
Realise that break falls are not that scary and will not hurt. Much. Well for long. Likewise with every new move and concept in class. 2008 will be the year I will stop , for lack of a better word having a mild panic about them and throw myself enthusiastically into learning them.
Work on having some patience with myself. It is unrealistic to expect to get everything perfect on the first try and I should not get frustrated with myself when I struggle with moves familiar and new alike. But I think I need to also remember that I need to have patience with others to as everyone is at different stages and levels.

And whilst I know its all about the journey and it’s great to take the scenic route through the aikido path it would be nice to end 2008 as a green belt.

Well that’s my aikido goals, if you had to pick goals for yourself for your own aikido progression what would they be? I think this thread has the potential for some interesting goals and debates so I would be reading what goals people have for themselves.

Edit..Oh what a twit, I did not know there was a vote on something similar already ...doh!

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