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Unhappy Re: I'm Leaving Aikido


Yes i am dependant on an art, and an art alone to teach me because i have no martial arts knowledge at all besides Aikido. I bought "the goods to the fight" with aikido. Dedicated attended lessons three times a week. And was told i was the fastest learner they had had in years so i disagree that i will fail at another art. Because i tried hard with Aikido. It's just not for me, for real world self defence i don't feel comfortable with it. And as im seeing from a few private messages, others seriously dont as well. I think im just the fool who's come out and said it.


Yeah sure i should train everyday if im serious about self defence. But three times a week is better than no training at all right? And obviously there are basic punching and kicking drills that can be done at home with equipment. I'm never going to be super human and i could get knocked out tommorow. But what im trying to say to people is, i'd feel comfortable standing in front of someone who about to violently attack me / or who IS violently attacking me with 2 years Kickboxing, Taw Kwondo, Boxing, Krav, then i would Aikido...Aikido as I known it. Please, i am not trying to offend people. I haven't even told this to my own dojo i feel so bad. I'm just airing serious points i feel get swept under the carpet sometimes. People are learning Aikido to defend themselves with on the streets remember...that's why i took it up. But it seems more bogged down with other stuff i can't quite put my finger on, than straight self defence.


Very interesting read thanks.

"I suspect there's alot of opportunity to apply aikido from your initial reaction, it's just that your initial reaction is likely to be so different from what you feel it should be (based on what is done in the dojo) that you figure Aikido hasn't "stuck". But what if we're only talking about one split second being the problem. What if you can flinch, cover up, and then start to lead, blend, throw, control. It's a possiblity."

I think you've hit the nail on the head there. I agree with you. All i'm saying is, surely at this point i should already feel to blend and control? If people said to me "well aikido taught me to do this in 3-6 months fine" then i would think it was me. But not one person has said Aikido has taught them how to defend themselves in a real fight, in a short space of time. Because IMO its not likely it can in a short amount of time.


See with respect, this to me is crazy...

"He said that O Sensei didn't create Aikido for ordinary people originally. He said that Aikido isn't an art that people coming off the street can walk in and understand. He said that a budo master can understand this art immediately but an ordinary person will have to study for many years before he can even begin to understand it."

If someone would have said this to me as i first walked into the Dojo i would have been back out before the door had closed behind me. I'm not a budo master. You posted the above like it's something to be proud of. For people into japanese culture, philosophy etc etc then that's fine. But for an "ordinary person" the above is madness to me. As for getting another job, that's just plain rude. I can handle people without aikido, you dont need to be a martial artist to be a doorman. But if you have a good martial art behind you, it increases your safety. Which is what im looking to do.

"I also think that you lack a basic understanding of what most martial arts are all about."

With respect i dont care for what most martial arts are about. What i care for is being able to physically defend myself when someone very violent is coming for me. Not the philosophy behind martial arts, the honour, all this is hippy stuff. If this makes me less honourable, or whatever else then so be it. The more i read, the more i see i did enter into Aikdo with the wrong mindset. As most people are saying "its about you not the art" or "only the wise understand the aikido path" and all of this...don't you feel embaressed saying this? Its people like yourself Jorge, and i dont mean this disrespectfully. But it's that kind of attitude toward everyday guys like myself looking to learn a bit of self defence that gives Aikido a real bad name amongst most people outside of the art.


Perhaps Krav wont be for me, but thats fine if so then i move on and find an art that will serve me better. Aikido is not my religion, or my "way of life" it is, always has been something im learning to defend myself with. And that only. But personally i dont think you're correct. I feel it's as simple as the Aikido not being for me. I put a lot of time and effort into every part of my Aikido training. If i was alacklusture student i would agree with you, but i wasn't.


I'm guessing you didnt read my post or my reasons for Krav Maga and just picked up on this discussion half way through. I wouldnt watch one video and then decide to dedicate my life to a martial art. Im a 28 yr old man with a daughter. Former office manager. Not a kid looking for cool martial arts to do. I dont even watch martial art movies. lol. But thanks anyway.


Good point, i suppose because ive studyed what ive thought of as Aikido for so long, and i dont feel very comfrotable with it. It's put me off the whole Aikido thing altogether. If i came on here and most people were saying no no, your school sounds way off, then fine. But to be honest most responses seem to be skirting around the fact that for the most part, what i'm saying about Aikido is correct. I also think, and i havent mentioned this, im looking for something a bit more real world. With the bowing to pictures, Bokken and Jo walking and waving. I posted about this before actually. And Japanese terminoligy. Extending Ki power through our fingers at the end of the lesson and then clenching our buttocks to keep the KI power just want to defend myself against thugs.

"In my humble opinion, aikido is meant for dealing with people that we don't want to hurt. It's great for dealing with Grandpa when he's off his meds and gets violent. It's great for dealing with Uncle Larry when he's drunk. It's great for dealing with a sixteen year old kid who hasn't seen enough injury and death to know how stupid his actions are."

This is what i thought, i thought the exact same thing. I dont want to be a champion UFC fighter. King kickboxer. I just want to deal with people effectively and safely. Which is what i thought Aikido would teach me. And three nights a week, on the mat i dealt with people effectively and safely. But as soon as real life stepped in, five nights a week. I saw that my Aikido just didnt work or wasn't even needed. Its hard to explain, but in the fast paced light of confrontation its just so so different.

It's also at this point that i want to say my club (there are four in Luton BTW) teaches aikido in no way different to any other Aikido i have seen all over the internet and the 100's of videos from every different school around the world. I think the main bulk of my problem is just as simple as the art itself.

I couldnt imagine going to a kick boxing forum and reading many posts saying "would kickboxing work in a fight" but it's all over Aikido forums and other martial art forums, saying the same thing about aikido. Aikido is unique in its own insecurity as to if it would actuallly work in a real situation. There is a reason for that, and i suspect its because for the person who hasn't studies aikido for a very long probably wouldnt work.

The teachers at my club knew my concerns and one in particular went to great lengths to help me. He is the one i mentioned before. He actually incorporated throat strikes, and headlocks into his aikido and always stressed atemi. This is why i admired his style it seemed effective. But even he said to me when i asked. It will take you a years before you even grasp Aikido, compared to other striking arts, simply because it is so different to everything else.

In short, with open and for the first time truly un-biased eyes i see why quite a few martial arts soley critisize aikido. Its even critisised on Wikipedia which doesnt happen to martial arts on there. People said these things to me a few months in and i see why. It seems to me Aikido is an effective martial art for those who have stuck at it for over 5 years solid. To me now, that kind of time frame is too much if you're looking to use it to defend yourself on the street. Everytime i hear talk of techniques never ever really being learnt, or "O Sensei never taught a single technique" and when i hear 10 yr aikido black belts say "i still feel im a beginner at aikido and always will" and all that makes me put my hands in my head and weep tears.

Maybe deep down inside im an A-Hole who wants to deal with quickly and painfully people who run at me with bottles, throw punches at me, and try to headbutt me, or glass me. I dont think i am but maybe i am, and maybe that's why im looking for something a bit more real is a journey and leaving one art for the next is simply a stop on that that almost sounded "aikido"


Now i need a drink.
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