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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Don wrote:

He changed my outlook on what I was doing and allowed me to evaluate (and actually find a method for evaluating) my training. Maybe it will help you. The reason why I am critical about krav is because all the krav I have seen is no different then all the aikido I've seen. And I of course find a problem with aikido training. I simply think you are switching one training method, for the exact same training method
I was thinking of providing the same thing on aliveness. Tony Blauer, Matt Thornton...all along the same vein. Matt does a good job of explaining the issue, although I don't think he has the corner on the market nor is he 100% correct, is correct that aliveness needs to be included, and the examples he shows are good ones in the first video.

Looking at the video on Krav, I thought the exact same thing as you Don. "trading one dead form for another". At least at looking at the youtube footage. I saw no aliveness in that video what-so-ever.

That is not to say the Krav is wrong, or not useful....just that, as one poster already pointed out, don't rely on video to make your decisions.

I have worked with some Israeli military when I was in Germany, and what they do is direct and effective for sure. However, I did not find it any better or worse than anything anyone else was doing.

It also highly depends on the instructor to.

Anyway...all good advice to consider.

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