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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

The choice is yours and if you feel Aikido is not the right choice for you, well I hope you will find the right path that will give you a full satisfaction.

But I want to give you a suggestion, watch out for what you look at on Youtube. I am sure in these 2 years of Aikido you must have read on forums people criticizing Aikido as Martial Art. Demo video are made to attract people and that is not only true for Aikido, that is true for other Martial Arts too. I will give you a little example with the video you posted here...

Many people criticize Aikido for its Randori not being something that can be used in the street (and in a certain degree I agree, no Martial Art in my opinion can keep you alive Vs 3 people together if they well trained). Look at your Krav Maga video, first scene is Vs 3 and just like in many Aikido Demo there is always 1 Uke waiting. Look at the first guy hit by the Krav Maga guy, goes down nice, waits for next hit and goes down again even more. Doesn't that remind a nice video of Aikido where people say Uke go down on their own?
Second, in a good commercial for Krav Maga what best than destroying other Martial Arts? Aikidoka for 2 years I guess you can do a Kotegaeshi. Look at the Kotegaeshi made in that video. Nage gives his back to Uke even before the punch "leaves the base" which will help to the eye of a half experienced MAist to make it appear of poor quality and very not so effective.

If you think Krav Maga is what is right for you I hope you will try it and stick with it for the rest of your life, hoping that Krav is what really will help you for your job. But please practice it before you decide it is right for you just because of a video.
Demo video, of any Martial Art, are made to deliver the principle behind the Art, not to show you what the Art is in its entire.
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