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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Jorge Garcia wrote: View Post
I agree with Don.

That Krav looked like most of the Aikido on You Tube.
Just to address this because I'm sure it's confusing the original poster. The similarities are on the entries. It's moving of the line to deliver a technique - in this case the technique may be a kick to the sternum rather than an irimi nage - but the concept is similar. The similarities to a 10 year practitioner of Aikido make it look very similar, but to a 2 year practitioner they are likely looking at the end result and saying "but there's not shiho nage, how can you say it's similar..."

It's also similar because it has alot of uke throwing an attack and then waiting for nage to do their turn as part of the training method.

Daniel I suspect that one of the reasons you say aikido isn't working is because when you are in an altercation you don't have the Aikido IA's (immediate actions - entering, stepping off line etc) manifesting themsevles. Given it is those same IA's that people are noticing as being similar in Krav, I'd doubt it will serve you much better...

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