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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Daniel Ranger-Holt wrote: View Post
Hi everyone

The AIkido i have been taught and i have been taught by three main instructors at our dojo...who all seem to disagree on certain things (which may have something to do with it i dont know) seems to be uneffective for a job where every night there will potentially be an attack. Erik i dont know how long you've been doing aikido, but say its a year, shouldnt you feel comfortable you could do something? A Thai Boxer whos been attending class three times a week for a year, or a boxer, or a BJJ would be effective...but as Aikidoka most of us after this time are still..."errrr will this work?" which is really really bad if your learning the art purely to defend yourself in a real life situation.

I think that is it, thats what i feel it is. I started AIkido because i wanted to learn self defence for the streets. This is what i was told i would learn at my dojo, and this is what i read online for the most part. But looking back, it was the wrong art for me, because the self defence it teaches you isn't real and i feel for those wishing to become effective in a short time 6 or so months, definitely not.

Exactly my point ive been doing aikido for two years, three times a week and in your own words, im "just a beginner" "what do you know" thats not good enough for a martial art in my option. I think i kind of knew all this as i was training maybe a year an a half in or something, but you kind of just carry on because you are with friends, and almost feel rude cross training. Im too nice. And i disagree about Aikido working great as a bouncer, in theory its the best martial art for that kind of job. But the speed people attack you, throw punches and fly at you isn't within Aikidos rulebooks i have found. And it just looks pretty on you tube or when someone is running with a fist extended (not a real punch) but not when the split second of a fist is thrown at your nose

Yeh i have excellent self control though, the one thing i do have. In the four months, ive been slapped, punched, stubbed with a cigerette and not hit back, just got to the floor and restrained. CCTV in my town is everywhere, all over the clubs i work. I'm very careful of course some people i work with have a different approach. But thats up to them to face the consequences. I have nothing to prove with people. I just want my money and to go home!

Thanks to those who responded with kind words and support anyway. Sometimes we just need to be honest almost as Kevin Leavitt put it and if its not working, find something that will. Life is too short to spend 5 - 10 years learning a self defence art, when you can learn it in 3-6 months, then improve on whats there. The more i look into this, the more Aikido and the whole thing has really dissapointed me in fact.

But please please no one take anything personally...of course we love our art i understand that. But it is only that...a martial art.
Hey Dan I meant no disrespect in my post about you being a beginner...But to your points about doing something to "defend" yourself by going to class just three times a week in any art in the hopes of becoming effective at self defense I suggest you reevaluate your thinking.

Being a Bouncer... Bodyguard... Law Enforcement... or a Member of the Armed Forces means training every day. It means daily Physical Conditioning... Martial Arts... Situational (aka Martial) Awareness...and Task Specfic Training...

That is if you value your life and well being...There are Big Musclebound Dudes with Street Sense who can get away with not training everyday because they live the lifestyle to begin with and then there are guys like you who need to learn how to defend themselves...

Second...Your Aikido Dojo is screwed up... Sounds more like a McDojo to me... Meaning the "Yudansha" there have diluted the Martial Side of Aikido to the point that it is useless. No worries Dan. I hear you...Most Aikidoka can't fight thier way out of a wet paperbag when they absoulutely need to to do it. I personally think it's a shame they take raw beginners like you off the street and infuse them with all the bad habits and poor Aikido they know and fool them into thinking they have been trained.

No worries Dan... You're on the right track. You intuitively know your Sensei's teachings are useless. O'Sensei the founder of Aikido himself warned against depending too much on instruction and "dojo" time.

My teacher Micheal Fowler Sensei practices everyday His teachers Shoji Nishio Shihan (when he was alive) and Koji Yoshida Shihan practice everyday. I practice everyday and put my practice up against other Martial Artists when I can to learn from them and help make my practice better. No matter what Dojo you end up walking to into this is the spirit you want to look for in your teachers and in yourself. Practice is serious business and your life depends on it

One last hint: When I started my Aikido Journey almost 20 years ago After years in other Martial Arts I used only one criteria that my first Karate Sensei (That man is most arguably the most famous Karatedoka in the USA and those who trained at his Dojo on Artesia Blvd know who I am about about ) gave me about evaluating Dojo's. "Can the Head Instructor kick my ass." LOL

Again Dan Best of Luck to you.

William Hazen
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