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Re: I'm Leaving Aikido

Daniel Ranger-Holt wrote: View Post
I think that is it, thats what i feel it is. I started AIkido because i wanted to learn self defence for the streets. This is what i was told i would learn at my dojo, and this is what i read online for the most part. But looking back, it was the wrong art for me, because the self defence it teaches you isn't real and i feel for those wishing to become effective in a short time 6 or so months, definitely not.
I can't agree with this sentiment. If your meaning is that Aikido is not designed primarily as a self-defense system, you could be at least partially right. If you are saying that it takes longer than 6 months to become martially effective, you would definitely be correct. But to say that someone at an accomplished skill level could not defend himself with his Aikido is way off base, IMHO. Mind you, it is just my opinion, but I'm not prepared to hit Hitohiro Saito, or any of a hundred others I could name, in the mouth to test the theory...
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