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Re: real world aikido

In a very solemn tone....

"Why does this question keep appearing? "

Mr Dewey is absolutely correct, it depends on how you train and how your Sensei conducts training in the dojo.

I started to write a reply to the thread entitled " I am leaving Aikido", but refrained, now this thread appears. Again, in a very solemn concerned tone...Go talk to people who train diligently, for the purpose of finishing their shift and walk without fear into situations that require them to initiate action in the service of the public.

I started Aikido many years ago, to enhance my karate, in order to avoid criminal and civil liability for excessive force. I was 5'9'' and weighed 160 -165. I was a narcotics officer and did not wear a uniform or worked on a squad/ was my ass, and my ass alone. For all those require an answer to this question...

"Aikido is a viable, street applicable martial art...cross-training made it even more formidable."

In my schools, we train for the street...I train ERT/SRT, State Troopers, military and EMS...we all have the same attitude and similar experiences.

What experiences do your sempai, kohai and Sensei have to share...ask them. If they do not have any real life experience of street encounters, ask them who they know that does....and go talk to them. Express your concerns about your training.

Do not accept, " Twenty year technique" or " There is no resistance in training'' crap. You only get out of your training what you put into it. Ask questions, require answers.

I train Shodokan, knife techniques are part of our fundamentals. I have been in situations against a knife, I have been cut once and it was not serious. Remember, if you are going to take on a knife be prepared to get cut, it is a simple fact.

Sorry for being long-winded...I hope someone got something out of this.

Train well, train to standard...train to survive.

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