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Re: Term for techniques against kicks?

In regard to a general term for techniques against kicks I was looking for something that might be shorter than "keri nitai suru waza." The term "ashi tori" was suggested, but many of the techniques against kicks don't actually involve taking the leg at all. So although this is a nice, short term, it doesn't quite fit the bill. Thanks all the same. I guess that it is necessary to just use the "explanatory" term. I remember someone asking Saito Sensei "What about defending against kicks?" He replied with a rhetorical question that says a lot: "What is more demanding-defending against a sword or a kick?"
Sensei had done Shito-ryu karate in his younger years. He would once in a while show a technique against a kick, but it was clear to see that he meant that by understanding the principles of aikido you could defend against kicks in the same way you could against the basic striking attacks, so it wasn't necessary to make something special of it.
Sensei would also sometimes demonstrate atemi using the knee and low kicks to uke's leg/knee in many of the entering movements, when emphasizing atemi.

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