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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Good stuff David, thanks for taking the time.

Of course, if anyone here knows of Shihan, ones that are still training and actively teaching, that are working on the software of the art, let me know. If he or she is, however, I guarantee you their training is going to look like just what one saw in the videos thus far posted (even the Tohei video), and what it looks like is going to be totally different from what one is used to seeing Aikido look like (because folks are used to only seeing hardware training in Aikido). If it doesn't look like what I described, it's only because it's got a lot of hardware emphasis still embedded within it.
I certainly cannot comment on what various shihan are and aren't doing.

I can tell you that alot of this is going on out there in the MMA community.

I have gotten much more out of getting a couple of guys together and poolling our resources and "hiring" on of the good pros to come in and teach us a "private" for a couple of ours vice going to classes and large seminars....for many of the reasons you mention! (Large groups and lose architecture).

Anyway, I agree with what you are saying.

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