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Re: Article: Hanging Up My Dogi by "The Mirror"

Janet, I'm one of those 40 year old non athletic A-1 klutzes as sensei put it when I first started training a year ago.

I'm sad to hear you must stop your training but understand as injuries and an arthritic knee from injuries keep me more often off the mat then on these days.

I also fell in love with the art of peace and am going through a rough time fearing how limited my aikido will be if I'm physically able to continue.

I've gotten a lot of the year I did train. My first few months were spent 5-7 days a week at the dojo until the injuries started keeping me away.

Sensei says I should come to class anyway and watch which is difficult as well since I like to participate of course.

I'm hoping I c( and maybe you ) can find less physically demanding pursuits which arrive at the same spiritual goal.

Perhaps the Ki society IS the answer. My fear is hindering finding a solution although I'm sure it's there somewhere.

I would say though you are fortunate to have had ten years of experience although I truly feel for your situation.
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