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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Still mulling through some of the really excellent points brought up in some of these recent posts. Two issues I see:

a) I certainly would not want to impose my view on how someone teaches their students unfairly. I do not see a problem, however, with simply posing how I might do something, note the differences, and leave it at that. The other party may take it or leave it as desired, and I will not be offended either way.

b) I do not understand yet David's perspective on speed not affecting kihon. In all the keiko I have done, I have found that speed does affect how I perform at the edge of my competence and ability. I think that success at using aikido under pressure often means moving in a relaxed and somewhat unussual way, and doing that quickly under pressure (for me) is more difficult than doing it slowly. I see that hold true for many of the people I have trained with (in my eyes in any case).

I think this has been a very interesting thread BECAUSE OF the vastly different perspectives, and I would hate to see valued participants bow out just because of the obvious difficulty of different paradigms.

And yes, Chris Moses, isn't it strange that in aikido these things are so bloody difficult?!?!?!


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