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Bruce Baker
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laughing skeptics

There is only one thought about the marketing or your humor for Ki ball ...

We have pooper scooper ordinances for such objects, maybe it should be for that kind of humor also?

Yeah, I know, you need more beer to make get that warm fuzzy feeling, and it ain't ki that you are making?

Not good Aiki, but beer do kill the braincells!

Send me the prospectus of your Ki ball?


If you make fun of it, then you believe it more than you realize?


Now how about making fun of Ki forcefields so that gets totally screwed up too?

In a way there is a positive / negative energy reaction of human bodies that has to do with Ki/chi? Maybe the static energy of this energy could be interpreted as force field?

I wonder what George Carlin would have to say on this subject?
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