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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

You make some good points, David. And I admire your ability to articulate things that you have obviously thought about for a long time.

Videos were put forth here and people's opinions were solicited, so that's a risk, for sure. I don't have anything shot that is relevant to this discussion, or I'd put it up - I don't get the opportunity to shoot much. But under these circumstances, I think it's fair to discuss opinions etc. I do like it better when it's civil though.... which most everyone is....

I've been in the martial arts since I was 12, 40 years ago, with a break in some of my teen years, and I've been teaching Aikido for 25 years. I've thought about it a lot, and have come to some conclusions for myself, about how I want to train and teach, and what I want out of the art, and what my responsibilities to others are. I've trained with many people, and seen or trained with several top well-known instructors, knew and worked with Seagal before he got his movie deal, when he was teaching every night (I say that only because he was mentioned... ) so I have seen a lot and done the entire spectrum, from very hard to very soft (mine) Aikido - and for many reasons, I chose very clearly not to follow these teachers I have seen or worked with. I studied under an unknown who had a very deep knowledge of some deep things. I also took other arts, including BJJ, Hapkido, Judo, etc. - and I've been accosted etc. many times, - so I worked my way to how I see things now, as some others have....

Because of all that, part of our training is called Chaos Aikido - where you are put in a dynamic position such that you have lost your center, you are about to be overwhelmed, you're freaked out, good ma-ai has gone out the window, you're backing up without control etc.... in short, you are making all the "mistakes" in regard to kihon waza, basic principles, etc. The object is to specifically teach people that they can recover themselves and still do Aikido. I think that is really important.

I see something somewhat similar in some of the videos presented here.... which I think is great - I just didn't always see the process of "solving that 'problem'" as necessarily going in the "right direction" - in my personal opinion. In fact, to me, often I think it goes in the "opposite direction" and that does bother me, if I think it's not necessarily safe to teach to people under any other guise than "an experiment." That's all, just my personal opinion and perspective.

As I said, I like many of your points, but I disagree with your characterization if someone shows concern about another's teaching, that makes them "Super Aikidoka" and that it's super hero talk etc. etc. I don't think I'm perfect, by any means, but I've taught this stuff for a long time, as well as street self-defense, and there are definitely things that I see all the time that I think are really not good to be teaching. That's just my opinion, but I know why I feel the way I do, in detail.

Enjoy talking with you - LN

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