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Re: What Aikido is Not (IMHO)

Thanks for the blog link.

IMHO there are people who feel the need for immersion in aikido and an uchi deshi program is great for that. I also think that there are people who replace "normal" life with dojo life and don't have any contacts outside of the dojo. Sometimes this is an avoidance behvavior and those people can not/will not fare well in the "real" world. I am not maligning uchi deshi programs or people who immerse themselves in aikido. All I am saying is that I have known people who spent every waking hour at the dojo for 2 years, and then stopped aikido and have never been back to the dojo.

The brightest flames burn the hottest? or maybe at some point they realized that all of life was not enclosed without the dojo walls.

I am not saying that I would not enjoy more immersion in aikido either. I have been in the dojo for 15 years and I am still at it.

Derek Duval
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