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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

there is a different between aiki and child play, and it's not very fine thik line between them I must say.

From chris' point of view, he looks at his videos/Training as if they are a 'path' to some 'light' that eventually supposedly will end up as a new fighting system.
this is true when u have researched ur entire life for the best ways, effective ways, faster ways, important ways to hurt,destroy,stop, block, counter a attacker or multiple attackers.

but, taking an already built up system, (in here, Aikido) and applying non working methods to it, does not mean it will lead to a new MA system, as we saw from the videos.

And a lot of people here are giving him positive reinforcement just because they look at the philosophical aspect of MA and not the physical part, trying to be another o-sensei or something.

i challenge everyone to go to the streets, armed with a knife and pick-up on a gang. good luck - not that it is not possible, but very unlikely that you will do much good from it.

and than some will say, 'doing kind of techniques will improve ur survival since u practice "life alike" attacks' - well, running will improve you survival 100% thats for sure.
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