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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

not again ....
lets give a kid a lolypop and tell him that he must never give it to the other kid no matter what!

same result ...

ok so lets see some very very basic errors, that even a 10 year old could easily do, and it seems that this master could even think on it while doing this randori kind of:

here you can think of many possible ways to 'hit to injure' the opponent:

1. bump to the head
2. kick to the balls
3. break the knee

and more..

should i say that the entire video goes like this? countless opportunities to 'kill' the enemy, and none -street- attacks has been used.
this alone shows that the entire training is completely lack of basic knowledge of any kind of fighting art (not even considering aikido) and if u think u can save ur self from this kind of attacks in reality.. i would consider getting a gun!

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