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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
My former Aikido teacher and I no longer have a student teacher relationship. Tim Cartmell, is the only person I still train under, he seems to like what we do quite a bit.

You guys are only seeing half of our class structure. We do a whole class dedicated only to forms and techniques. We do Jiyu waza all the Iwama weapons forms, kihon and ki no nagare "tai jutsu".

Here's us doing some techniques.

This is the demo video for the school, about half forms, and half randori.
Please do not take the criticisms personally. My comments were about the video clip and the exercise on it. It is not a comment on what you do overall, since I have no idea about that.

I too have video clips on my website showing some specific "flow drills" which would not at all be indicative of what I am doing overall but rather are used for very specific purposes. That's all I am saying... Exercises must be designed to imprint the proper physical and mental elements through repetition.

Being creative about training is the only way to get past the mediocre, in my opinion. I tried quite a few things in my younger days. I don't do them now. I understand things better now. But I got ahead by trying them, learning what worked and what didn't. But I also got out. Don Angier, Toby Threadgill, Chuck Clark, Kenji Ushiro, Tetsuzan Kuroda, Chris Clark, Chris Petrilli, etc all have changed my Aikido as I tried to figure out what my teachers were doing.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with Tim Cartmell and what he does. But he is not an Aikido teacher. Training with him will not make you a great Aikido practitioner.

"Aiki" is not so easy to attain in ones technique. Often, practitioners lose patience as they progress and start focusing on applied technique before they have mastered the principles involved. Not all of what "works" is "aiki". The aiki arts are a small sub section of the larger martial arts world. It's quite possible to develop technique which works and still not have it be Aikido or an example of "aiki".

I would recommend getting some exposure to Chuck Clark Sensei (Jiyushinkai) or Howard Popkin Sensei (Daito Ryu Roppokai). Both teach principle based technique with enough depth that it can keep you busy for many years. Both are quite capable of great skill in application. Both are really superior at teaching what they know. Keep training with Tim Cartmell, his stuff is excellent as well.

I would also recommend, as Ron Tisdale suggested, that you network with David Valdez who posts here. David has sent me video of what he has been working on and it seems quite up your alley but with some of the issues I mentioned solved. You could get quite a lot out of him I think.

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