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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Chris Hein wrote: View Post
My former Aikido teacher and I no longer have a student teacher relationship. Tim Cartmell, is the only person I still train under, he seems to like what we do quite a bit.

You guys are only seeing half of our class structure. We do a whole class dedicated only to forms and techniques. We do Jiyu waza all the Iwama weapons forms, kihon and ki no nagare "tai jutsu".

Here's us doing some techniques.

This is the demo video for the school, about half forms, and half randori.
That's fair! The only reason I ask about your sensei is because it is always good to remain "Accountable" to someone higher and more experienced. As a teacher we have to remember that we also have to be students.
Seeing the clip you posted alone, is quite a bit scary to me. Not for you, but for the students. Beginning students have the tendency to believe that what they learn from the sensei is the "end all be all".

If we are not careful they will believe that they have obtained a certain amount of "Magical Ability" and go out and get their A$$3$ handed to them.

We have to make sure that we are teaching them "Imprinting" on them quality technique.

Please don't take this as critisim.
Take care and be blessed
Train hard.
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