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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Paul Sanderson-Cimino wrote: View Post
Arguably, the middle schoolers in the basement are ahead of much of the aikido world in their training methodology.

I think the real issue here is: everyone who's criticizing these training exercises really ought to be posting exactly what they do that's better. Preferably, they should also state what their training allows them to do that an untrained person could not. Grapple with a keikogi? Grapple without? Strike? Grapple and strike (MMA)? Fence with swords? What?
Well i will post what we do at our school, it is not better it's just what we do.

We execute every attack with serious intention and serious control. "Refering to the older deshi of course.

We strive to train with real effectiveness..."Not falling just to fall, or to make others look good." We also incorporate combination strikes to learn how to identify intention versus feignts.

I also go over to the BJJ guys and we train together.
As well as the Karate guys.

What we don't do, is sacrifice the developement of good technique, and dedicated practice for the sake of "making it real" Take a shomen attack for example.
Uke should have full intention of hitting nage in the head. If you irimi. it should be intentional, and uke's attack should be followed through. If uke throws tsuki there should be intention behind it. Conversely I expect for uke to also exercise enough controll to pull his punch should nage not execute properly.

I admire Chris for their willingness to train effectively.
But I also feel that maybe they should have a better base to work from.

Question to Chris.
What does your Sensei think about your training?
Are you still a student as well as a teacher?

My humble opinion
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