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Ron Tisdale
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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Hi Chris,

Have you spent any time with Chuck Clark or Karl Geis(sp)? I believe both have schools that came out of the Shodokan/Tomiki lineage, and they have more of a presence in the States. From your stated goals, I think you would be well served to do some exploration there.

I can fully sympathize with your search for non-cooperative training given some of your background, even if my goals are quite different. I still think that at least having someone as a mentor who has been down this road before would help a great deal.

You may want to build a relationship with someone like David Valedez, who has already spent a great deal of time building an independent dojo and curriculumn. And his material is easily recognizable as aikido, even though he addresses (in my opinion based on video) many of the things you seem to be concerned about. He is also in California.

Ron (hey, what the heck is up with the spell checker???)

Ron Tisdale
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