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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.


Read very careful what George Ledyard Sensei is saying. Please read it several times...carefully and intently to make sure you see what he is really saying.

I train Soldiers in the military in Modern Army Combatives, and spent a huge majority of my time training individual and small unit fighting skills.

In teaching our basic combative course, we are very, very careful to get across to students that you have to be very careful in your training. Everything is a simulation. Within simulation, you will always have untended affects. Those Affects will get you killed if you do not recognize them for wihat they are.

So, I try to educate and make my students/soldiers aware of those things, and come up with ways to mitigate them.

We have a saying in the Army "Train as you fight", however, it is really not possible to do that is it?


Personally I had no issue with your video. It is hard to comment on what was really going on there not fully understanding the intended outcome or training point. Maybe you are simply getting across to students that it is damn near impossible to avoid a fast moving knife!

That is why I won't comment on the video, as I cannot understand the training endstate.

That said, one thing I think many in martial training get confused on is ENDSTATE. That is training with a definitive goal in mind.

The teacher has one in his head, the students have one in their heads. In most cases. yes I say most...they both think that they understand that they are training from the same perspective with the same focus on endstate...and they are NOT!

Most students will turn themselves over to their instructor as a blank and say "teach me". They then proceed down the teaching/training path for a session, weeks, months, years. Maybe on the right path, maybe not.

The instructor may have a perspective and the students quite another!


What I like is that you are being open and honest in your approach to trainng. You seem to be asking questions and trying things out, and experimenting with innovation etc.

Sounds like you might have set up your own shop because you did not get fulfilled through studying in a organization that "stayed within the box".

It is good to be innovative and experiment.

Just be careful and train with endstate and good intent and everything will work out in the long run.

Encourage your students to think for themselves and to seek answers and train critically and sketpically.

Take Ledyard Sensei's advice, read it, and look at it carefully.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us!

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