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John Connolly
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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

I made a non cooperative drill
This is what I was responding to when saying your drill was massively cooperative. Of course all classroom drills are cooperative on various levels. However, how you structure that cooperation means everything to your success or failure in learning about martial effectiveness.

f you have footage of an aikido teacher doing noncooperative stuff I'd love to see it.
How about "less" cooperative, or differently, purposefully cooperative? Just look up Shodokan or Tomiki Aikido on You Tube. You will find lots of great examples of tanto work in an Aikido paradigm that you may be able to follow the example of in your process.

The cooperation structure that I can determine from your exercise is the tacit agreement between all of you to ignore the knife, not attack in any realistic fashion, and respond to advances with twirling. This may sound rough, but if you want to advance your abilities and your students abilities, you will consider the purpose (what you want to develop), and then tailor your exercise to that. Begin with a simple 1, 2, 3 step type drill and gradually expand, adding more factors progressively until you are able to approximate randori.

I don't necessarily think you should "look for a sensei" to guide you. But again, if you want to truly get better, you have to analyze what you are doing. Be hyper-critical. Try to develop a systematic approach that includes questioning motives for movement and technique application. Go back several steps before randori and build up gradually, logically, until it is effective.
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