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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

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All classroom training is "massively cooperative". Everyone has to agree to show up and work together to get better.

I personally don't believe my drill is "massively cooperative" though. I believe everyone involved is honestly trying to attack and defend to the best of their abilities. I believe there is little conscious effort to make someone look better, or attempt to deceive themselves.

That's what it looks like when you put 4 average guys together and tell 3 of them to wrestle one of them to the ground. If you doubt it, try it.

Unfortunately I did go on the defensive. I was feeling kind of boxed in yesterday, and felt like much of what was said was personal. I'm trying to not be on the defensive or offensive though, I would really just like to hear what people have to say.

You've got to understand I left "mainstream" aikido for a reason. I couldn't find what I'm looking for there. Some of you have suggested that I find some kind of hard style teacher. However no teacher I have seen can do what I'm looking for. So I have to do it on my own. If you have footage of an aikido teacher doing noncooperative stuff I'd love to see it.
Hmmm ... I don't think it's a matter of "mainstream" or "hard" styles. Just a matter of finding a good teacher.

Example, I can try to imagine what Chuck Clark would do if he were the one with the knife being attacked by 3 people. And I don't have to guess that he'd handle things very well. Dennis Hooker or Ellis Amdur would do the same. I may not be able to imagine what it would look like, but I know it would be something "aikido"-ish, soft, effective, short and sweet.

All three have different "styles", but all three are good teachers. (I'd say great, but we'd have to widen doorways to get their ego through -- LOL. Just Kidding!)

But, let's change the subject now. Let's say you want to try aikido with a knife. So, how about something like this?

1 versus 1. Tori w/knife held in reverse grip in right hand. Uke attacks (you should be able to fit with most attacks) and tori uses right hand reverse knife to trap uke's wrist. Tori's other hand goes to uke's shoulder to start irimi nage. After the initial turn when tori goes to turn back into uke, use the point of the knife in ukes face to employ the downward, spiraling drop. NOTE: Do this slowly and safely. You could possibly do this in 1 vs 3, but again, there's a safety factor.

Or another practice -- use the knife in regular grip to deliver an atemi to uke's midsection while you slip the left arm under uke to finish in kaiten nage? In 1 vs 3, you can hopefully launch uke into the other 2.

There are many variations of using a knife with aikido. It isn't "knife fighting", but it can be free flow drills to get used to employing a knife.

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