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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.


ChrisH asked me this question " what about Aiki" in post #40 and I interpreted he meant what " aiki-do technique I used?" therefore i answered as per post #51.

Sorry guys for the mix-up in understanding.


wrt aiki... if I recall correctly, what I did when it was my turn as Tori, was to slap hard (make sure uke has welt and plam print as souvenir) away the tanto wielding hand and then irimi/enter with technique (again mostly atemi-waza).

I did not grab uke's armed hand as it was all sweaty. For example, trying to do a kote-gaeshi on a sweaty palm.... good luck with that.

If you are thinking blending as in 180 degrees tenkan, no sir, no time to react. The most I did was just open my body slightly i.e, hips facing the uke's body, and then irimi with e.g., irimi-nage or irimi-tsuki, or as my adjutant sensei's favourite: Hiji-ate.

As none of us are FMA trained, our understanding of knife attacks are limted to straight stabs, over-head ice pick stabs, diagonal cuts and combinations and feigns thereof.

When we are dealing with say three uke's the opportunity to do any techniques quickly diminish to nil, and all i was able to do was just slip around the incoming hordes and push the uke's into each other to buy me time.

Again, I must reiterate, techniques that I personally experince to work in this extremely chaotic circumstances are irimi-tsuki, ushiro-nage, irimi-nage, hiji-ate and kokyu-nage.

Kotegashi, ikkajo, sankajo, nikajo and many more small joint manipulation techniques (kansetsu-waza) are entirely lost once in these extemely choatic scenarios.

The above is a personal account of the exercise I had participated as part of my training. I hope my writing is able to paint a mental picture.


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