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Tim Mailloux
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Re: Ukemi and Koshinage

Charles Burmeister wrote: View Post
Now take all the suggestions that have been made and try to logically fit them into how they would work in a fall like this one....


Charlie B.
That is really not that much different than Kata-garuma in Judo. Only in the judo version uke isn't making the throw that easy for tori / nage. Having done the Aikido and Judo versions I can say that the fall is also much harder in the judo version as uke does not have as much control during the fall.

The fall / ukemi itself is not very hard to do. It is all a mental exercize. The first time i was thrown this way in Aikido I had no idea it was coming and I took the fall just like any other fall. Knowing that I had already done it, and it wasn't bad, I never had any issue taking that ukemi again. Had I known what was coming the first time I am not so sure I could have taken the ukemi as well.
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