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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

Just as aside, since this came up again... This was the single most replied to piece I ever wrote (and that's a fair bit between Aikido Journal, Aiki Web and E-Budo).

I got e-mails from women all over the English speaking world... It was re-printed in a Karate organization's newsletter. It was the focus of a spirited discussion on a Women's Martial Art site. Obviously, it struck a chord. Opinions seemed strongly held on this one. But I think that there is a broad common experience which many, obviously not all, women identify with. I find that fact to be a cause for reflection. Sort of the "50 million Elvis fans can't be wrong" idea... I don't think the My Fair Lady "Why can't a woman be more like a man?" approach is going to be very satisfying in the long run.

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