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Basia Halliop
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Re: Women and Everybody Else in Aikido

To my mind this statement is about 'what is valued' and what is acknowleged as valuable in our collective world. A world where the feminine has been rejected and the masculine over emphasized.
I don't think I could disagree more strongly! I don't much appreciate another person (woman or man) defining for _me_ what kind of attitude is 'feminine' and 'masculine', and therefore what I 'should' value or 'should' relate to or 'should' feel at home with or familiar with as a woman, never mind that it completely rejects a significant subset of women (and probably of men too). I got out of highschool in hopes of finally seeing the back end of that and being free to just be myself, and I don't want it creeping back in my Aikido world.

I have to say I agree much more with Szczepan's advice. Teach women to be comfortable and confident in their bodies and their muscles and have more trust in their own physical power and capabilities.
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