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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

Thanks for all the input!

All the technical tip's are noted. One of the most surprising things to me when I first started with non cooperative was how hard it was. My techniques no longer looked precise and clean, and lots of things were rushed through. If you haven’t done much noncooperative work it can be hard to understand what you are seeing, and why it doesn't look like the cooperative stuff. If any of you have some clips of you doing noncooperative I’d love to see them!

Pierre Kewcharoen,
Very perceptive. We are indeed using the knife as “bait”. It is our hope that the attacker will be encouraged to attempt to grab the knife hand , thus we can have a moment of “Aiki”. This is much as you would see in the forms practice “katate dori Tai no Henko, Ki no nagare”.

Christian Moses,
I have never been in a knife fight, neither have most “knife experts”, that was my point. I theorize, train, and listen to those who have been unfortunate enough to find themselves at the wrong (or right) end of a knife. Some have been in many knife encounters, those people should be listened to. Others just repeat what they hear, they should be questioned.

Look anyone can prearrange a fight and make it look awesome. I think the people in Hollywood are better then the best of Shihan. However putting yourself out there in an unknown situation is another thing. Some people want to be tricked with parlor tricks and pretty lights, others seek to make themselves better-to each his own.

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