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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.

I would say its a good video exercise if your introducing it for the first time. Seems like a fun exercise allowing the students to see openings and blend into the action at a slow pace.

However from a practical point of view its far from being realistic in terms of knife offense/defense. The attacker seems to be using the tanto like a bait item and not a weapon as the attacker is perceived to be on the defensive. The students are able to grab because the fear of getting slashed is non existant allowing the knife wielder to be a non threat. If i may make suggestion I would speed up the knife thrusts. There was alot of openings where that If I was the guy with the knife and someone grabbed me, their hand is the first thing getting stabbed/ or I would pull them in and stab their chest. Once you get a few stabs in the chest your pretty much immobile, no mattter how strong you are. This aint the movies. But I do like the exercise, just make sure you let the students know that its not '"true" knife disarmarment technique.

As far as the legal status of weapon use for defense. I always carry something. I like to have the option.

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