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Re: Steven Seagal and Aikido, your thoughts

In my opinion, Hollywood can make an egomaniac out of anybody. It seems Segal had issues with his ego his entire life.

That being said, he did run a dojo for years in Japan and he was a great athlete.

He also appears though to be an aikibully and that's ultimately what turned me off to him and why I wouldn't want him as a sensei.

He has made a fortune making the art of peace look uberviolent all in the name of making a buck.

I'm not sure what I would do in the same situation but I would be in a lot of conflict philosophically.

It seems to me the man is very much out of balance, has no respect for women, and enjoys hurting others while his need to shine is gratified.

This is not aikido from what I understand, it's something else completely. The physical moves might be aikido-ish ( maybe more like a combination of the harder styles or a hybrid of aikibudo.

I believe it's not a good idea to train with a sensei that has too many character flaws. By sandan I would hope that a person would have worked those problems out.
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