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Re: Love to hear your oppinions on this video.


The attackers.
First off, the attackers (the unarmed mob) don't react to any damage they might receive from the weapon because that makes the practice harder. It's hard to guess at what kind of damage you might inflict on a cut, and hard to guess how different people will react to it. Some people receive lots of damage and keep coming, others get a paper cut and go home. So in the practice we make it a worse case scenario.

They do try to treat the knife as if it's real, but they also have an objective to achive-take the armed man down. doing it without getting cut/stabbed is the objective, but that objective is very hard.

About the "legal problems".
Yes you may face criminal charges if you use a weapon to defend yourself. Depending on what your facing, you may end up dead if you don't use one. If in this kind of horrible situation you'll have to make a choice.

About "real knife experts"
There are several really excellent edged weapon instructors. The majority of them have never been in a real knife engagement or any kind of fight at all.

While I personally seek out weapon advice where ever I can get it, knife fighting is not like boxing or wrestling where enough people have done it thousands and thousands of times till they really get to know what happens. You can glean some from this guys fight here or that ones there, but good info is hard to come by.

Other then the very few who have been in knife engagements you have to look to the theorists and those who have learned from people who have been in knife engagements. Both of which I am (theorist and learned from those who have been in knife fights) aside from that you'll have to find someone who has been in hundreds of knife fights (shouldn't be hard there are hundreds of them listed in black belt magazine).

The target and objective
The target is the guy holding the knife, not just the knife and not just the guy. Just like when doing multiple attackers I don't face 3 individuals but 3 people as a whole. Using the knife on the move is part of the practice. If you've never tried it I think you'd be surprised at how difficult it is to use a knife and try to blend at the same time.


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