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Hi everyone,

I went and changed the trashcan icon to the "straight-face" icon... Yes, Colleen -- it was a circle and a slash for a minute there, but I thought that might be too "harsh" too! Hope it doesn't seem that harsh any more!

As for knowing how many people ignore you (or anyone else), you can look at your profile. You can do this by either clicking on the profile link (which looks like: ) at the top of that person's post or (if you can't see that person's post since, say, you've ignored them) you can do a search for their username through the memberlist by going to this link:

... and clicking on the search result username that you're interested in.

Let's not get into a contest about who can get into people's ignore lists, though, huh? I'd rather we keep things civil to begin with...

-- Jun

PS: Colleen, it's mighty hard selecting the "right" icon, especially when it's so tiny! I'm a geek, not an artist!

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